What’s Been Going On, Houston is Alive, and One Amazingly Helpful Tip

Hello, hello! As you may have noticed, we’ve taken a very, very long hiatus. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of changes since we’ve last updated Serviceable. Not due to bad things, but because we were busier than expected this spring and summer. However, we did lose two of our writers. Both of them have moved on to bigger and better writing careers and we wish them all the best. That leaves only me to carry on and keep you all informed of the happenings in the industry.

What I’ve been Doing

After hearing that our writers were moving on I decided to take some time away get back out into the restaurants. Having spent so much time setting up the site and working on my career as a consultant for small businesses within the restaurant industry I found I was missing time in operations. I was actually missing the experience of the industry for itself.

Luckily, I live in Houston.


I believe Houston is THE number one food city in the country right now and has been for years. Once thought of as a city of industry, Houston has progressed from being a diamond in the rough to an undiscovered gem to the talk of the culinary world.  

What’s Going On

After months of anticipation, Houston Restaurant Weeks started on August 1st. For those of you who need some convincing on Houston’s culinary reputation, take a look at the menus and chefs from the list of Eric Sandler‘s picks.


I can’t stress to you enough how amazing those restaurants are, not to mention all of the restaurants participating in this year’s event.

If you prefer low key or off the beaten path options instead of the pomp and hype, check out this article on Houston’s underrated menus.

To top it all off (because we do everything bigger in Texas), Houston still has a number of highly touted establishments opening this summer. One will even be champagne themed and will serve some of the finest bottles in the world.

If You’re Serious About the Industry, You Need to Join a Foodie Group

One of the best things I’ve done to further my knowledge and experience in the industry is to join a few Facebook foodie groups.

The amount of feedback and interaction you get from people who see a restaurant from a customer’s point of view is invaluable. You’re able to hear comments they may not feel comfortable telling you in person. You’re able to keep a finger on what the local community is currently into. You’re able to network with other managers and restaurant owners and to exchange tips and advice.

Me and members of a local food group.

But the absolute best thing is: You get to talk about your restaurant. You get to show people how happy and excited you are to be a restaurant owner. You get to show them the genuine excitement you feel when they visit. Then, you get to know them personally and thank them personally.

Every customer wants to feel they know the owner personally. They like saying hello and being said hello to when they go in. They love an owner, manager, or employee who remembers them and gives them that personal touch instead of making them feel they’re just a cog in the wheel.

Long story short, do what I did and take the time to meet those in local groups. I promise your restaurant will find success if you take the time to get to know about and care about the local community.

Now Tell Me About What You’ve Been Doing, Your City, and Share Some Tips

So there. As you can see, I’ve been keeping busy researching new topics and ideas to bring to you over the coming months.

How about you? What have you been doing? I’d love to hear anything and everything? Have questions? Need advice? Feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form to send me a message.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all about you, your city, and your stories.

Thanks and see you soon! Follow me here and over on Facebook for marketing tips and more!

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  1. Deven! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any blog posts lately. Are you going to the next BAHFL event at HAAK?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Patrick! Thanks! Funny, I got to meet you finally while on my break from here! LOL. Yes! I’m pretty sure I’ll be there! I’m really starting to like those get togethers as we all become better and better friends!


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