Things in our country are still up in the air when it comes to immigrant workers and how Trump’s government is going to treat them.

I, for one, am really scared for many of my friends and former employees so I’m thinking of organizing a fundraiser similar to the one in this post where I stole this headline from. I encourage you to click on the link and read the whole story, but in case you don’t have time here’s a quick rundown.

Restaurants in Portland make a stand for Immigrant Rights.

A few months ago the Poached blog told the story of how a bunch of restaurants got together in Portland to raise money for the ACLU. The fundraiser had two purposes; to raise money for legal fees and to show support for the large number of immigrants that work in the restaurant and hospitality businesses in the city.

I come from an immigrant family. My parents were able to come to America and make a very comfortable living for themselves and my triplet brothers. So I can empathize with families coming here and working hard to make their and their family’s lives better. I won’t take the clichè path and go off on a rant on how immigrants are willing to take the jobs that most Americans look down on, but the fact of the matter is this: they do.

Just speaking about the restaurant industry

It’s fucking sucky working in a hot kitchen for 6-8-10-12 hours 6 days a week for low, sometimes minimum wage, pay. Now imagine if that was your only choice for work.

We, as consumers, take for granted just how lucky we are to live in a culture where we can afford to go out to restaurants more than once a week. I haven’t looked the stats up, but I have a feeling we’re the only country in the world that eats out as much as we do.

Long story short…

We need that immigrant labor. Every country does. It’s hard for me to listen to people tell me that immigrants are taking jobs when those same people won’t take a minimum wage job themselves.

What’s your opinion on immigrant workers? Do you realize just how many of them work in the restaurant industry?

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